Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Malang Tourist Resort

Well, here it is. My another activity beside of internship, went to tourist area in Malang, hehe. There are a lot of tourist area in malang. You can choose whether natural place (such as outbond, hiking, camp, etc) or human made (such as park, etc). 

The atmosphere in malang is very nice, soo wonderfull, until i cant say it in a word. haha. I like the scenery, i like the air, i like the peoples around me, haha. Biggest thanks to my friends who accompany me exploring in every side in there, even not at all. Thank you Mas Bherry, Mas Rhendy, Mas John, Nining, Mb Anna, Mas Soleh, all Parttime UMM's Library, And of course special thanks to my partner, Budi and Wikan,  and others who i cant write it here, because its too much. hehe. You ROCK, guys.

Well, Here it is, places i've visited with some pictures that tells a lot than what i write, hehe. Check it out,guys. :)

Cangar Hot Spring

This is my first time of refreshing in natural place in malang. hehe. This place is very recommended place that u have to visit when u are in Malang. So much fun right? Why? because there is hot springs located in cold weather. And i beat that u'll soak your self in a hot water pool and unwilling to get out because yeah, you know, if you get out, u'll feel cooler than before. haha.

Actually, its not so far from my boarding home in Jetis, Malang. It just take almost 1 hour. The access is easy enough. Well, if u are come from malang, u need to go until alun-alun batu. Then, in trafficlight crossroad, u have to turn right, after that u just follow the sign to go to cangar.

Oh ya,  cangar hot springs surrounded by hills. You can just take a walk in there. The air is soo fresh, really. I really like it.

On my way to go to cangar hot springs

Cangar Hot Spring, Source:

Selorejo Dam
This is a dam in Malang. The scenery is beautifull enough, really. If in this place is hotspot area, there will be a lot people stay there and dont wanna go home. haha. If u want to take a ride in a boat, u just need 20.000 rupiahs for each peole. Then, the boat will take you surrounding the dam. 
Selorejo Dam Malang

Boat in Selorejo Dam

Coban Rondo

Coban Rondo is one of beautifull waterfall that u can find in Malang. Well, its the nearest from my boarding home anyway. It only took + 40 minutes frum Jetis, Malang. You just go straight to the west, turn left in Alun-alun Batu crossroad, go straight, and follow the sign. hehe. You haven't walk too far to reach the waterfall from the entrance. Oh ya, the ticket entrance is only 8000 rupiahs for each people, and plus 3000 rupiahs for 1 ticket vehicle. 

Well, the weather is good enough. Cool. Brr. Even u are in several meters from waterfall, u can get wet. Thats because the water spread so far away.  So much fun anyway :) and the important is soo freshh. haha.

The entrance of Coban Rondo Waterfall
Coban Rondo Waterfall

Watercourse of Coban Rondo Waterfall

Coban Rondo's mith

Coban Rais

This is another waterfall i visited since i were in Malang. hehe. Well, if u are interested in hiking, camping, or outbond, this is the best place u've to go. The scenery, the air, and everything in there, soo nice. hehe. U have to walk in a small path with  gulch and river beside u. Very challenging, i thought. It took almost 1 hour to reach the waterfall from the frontage gate. Yeah, resting for a moment is include in it. This is the best hiking place i've visited. Yeah, because, its the first time i did it. hehe

Entrance of Coban Rais Waterfall

Mbolang Face_Coban Rais

Coban Rais Waterfall

Bromo Mountain

Well, This is the first time i went to mountain. I've to camp in there, with my friends of course. Soo beautifull, pricefull until i cant describe it  in a word. I just can say that it sooo wonderfull, amazingg. hehe. Well, i''ll write it in a post after this, maybe, because there is a lot story while i were in there. :)
Bromo Mountain

Alun-alun Batu
Its looks like a park. I mean, yes, it is a park. But, the goverment organize it so nice. There are a smoking area, pinwheel,  toilet, information place, and good spot to taking picture. hehe. The place is clean enough and tidy, of course. I like to taking picture in there, haha. I ride the pinwheel with my friends, it only took 3000 rupiahs for each people. So nice, really. U can see the scenery of Malang and Batu from the top. So beautifull. hehe

In a pin wheel_Alun-alun Batu

Alun-alun batu from the top

Sitting on a bench_Alun-alun Batu

Alun-alun batu

Alun-alun batu

This is one of outbond place in Malang. I like the place. So green. There is a river accross the place. One ashame experience i've got in there were i've slip in the path when i want to reach that place. The path is so slippery. :(
But, most of all, i like it. :)

On my way to Bedengan
1 Pot of noodle for 4 people: ckck._Bedengan

This is our logistic :)_Bedengan

Well, there are my another activities when i were in Malang, beside internship of course. hehe. Once again, thanks guys for accompany me.

I think i'm in love with Malang, haha. Next time, i'll visited in there again, or maybe i get job in there so  i can stay longer in there. #hope :). Aminn

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